Cattle and Crops

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Re: Cattle and Crops

ViestiKirjoittaja Ibi1981 » 21.02.2018 12:40

Puolisen tuntia kokeilin peliä. Ei oikeen säväyttänäyt. Kontrollit vähän sekavat minusta.
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Re: Cattle and Crops

ViestiKirjoittaja Traktorimies_ » 21.02.2018 13:41

Jotenkin arvasin, että tässä käy näin. Ekaks melkeen kaikki odottaa ihan hulluna tätä ja sitten kun pääsee kokeilemaan, niin ei se niin hyvä loppujen lopuksi olekaan. :D
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Re: Cattle and Crops

ViestiKirjoittaja Mönkijämies » 07.03.2018 08:35

Tucano! 8-) Tulossa 0.2.0 päivitykseen, :kippis:
0.2.0 - Combine Update
Planned content (may change): new fruit(s), Claas Tucano harvester including cutter(s), new trailer(s), new sowing machine(s), new cultivato

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Re: Cattle and Crops

ViestiKirjoittaja MaastoSisu » 15.03.2018 00:23

Juu eipä heitetä hanskoja tiskiin vielä,,
Tän valmistumiseen voi mennä vielä useampikin vuosi kun on sen verta kunnianhimoinen projekti. Kärsivällisyyttä ;)
Modien tekeminen vaikuttaisi olevan tehty niin käyttäjäystävälliseksi että pelkästään sen tähden laitan rahat tähän näin aikaisessa vaiheessa.
Kannattaa ostaa jo nyt jos uskoo tän onnistumiseen, tulee nimittäin valmiina olemaan kaksi kertaa kalliimpi kuin nyt.
Se se on rokkia eikä sinfoniaa~
En työllistä itseäni siirtelemällä muiden malleja giantsiin, joten älä tuhlaa aikaasi kysymällä :)
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Re: Cattle and Crops

ViestiKirjoittaja Mönkijämies » 13.04.2018 09:03

Vilja päivitys tuli!
Calling all harvest enthusiasts! With today’s Combine Update v0.2.0.0 we have reached another milestone!

Today you get three new fruit types (wheat, barley and rye) that you can sow with the new seeding unit for the Hammer CornKing. For the harvest you have a Claas Tucano 570 at your disposal, together with the compatible Vario 930 cutterbar and a trailer. You can transport the crops with the Joskin Delta-Cap 5025/12DR100 and sell it at the harbor.

On the technical side we have considerably adjusted the AI to the new maneuvers and procedures of threshing.

For the loading and unloading system - in the combine harvester as well as in the trailer - we have developed two new systems: mesh morphing for the fill volume and goo particles for the offloading via the combine discharge pipe. They don’t just look far better but are also considerably more performant. We are planning to implement these techniques in other vehicles as well in the future.

The autopilot can now drive to the destination autonomously, this function can be activated in the gameplay options. It is now also possible to delete manually set waypoints.

With this update you’ll be able to assign yourself when creating a new task, e.g. cultivating a field. An automatic quest will then guide you through the task step by step.

We also have improved several aspects of the performance. Numerous LOD settings have been reworked and the entire render performance has been optimized.

In addition the physics have been enhanced, newly bought vehicles are going into sleep mode faster when they are not needed. We were also able to integrate drawbar trailer physics and their connections in the cutterbar transport trailer.

The update also contains numerous fixes for bugs which you have reported - the moderators have also recently begun to compile a Top 10 list of bugs, which they filter out of your feedback in the forum.

The next big milestone will be the grassland update which will introduce several new challenges like new machines types, windrowing, worker adjustments and much more. Until then, we’ll continue improving all areas of the game and listening to your feedback.

A small tipp regarding the crops: if you want to change the display of the grains on the fields, try experimenting a little in the graphics options. For example, set the “Vegetation fading start distance” to 100 and “Vegetation density” to 1 and try pushing the “Vegetation render distance” to its limits.

All other changes, bug fixes and news you can look up in our changelog as always.

We hope you have fun testing and wish you a successful crop season and a great weekend!

Your team from MBB


NEW: Claas Tucano 570

NEW: Claas Vario 930

NEW: Claas cutterbar transport trailer 521 (small)

NEW: Joskin Delta-Cap 5025/12DR100

NEW: Hammer CornKing seeding unit

NEW: Machine hall and crop storage building

NEW: New fruit types barley, wheat and rye

NEW: Missions for grain cultivation and harvest

NEW: Animation of morph meshes for filling and unloading of fill volumes

NEW: You can now specify, which seeding material or fertilizer the employee should use for a cultivation task

NEW: You can now create a task and add yourself as driver - a mission is automatically created in the process

NEW: The steering has been partitioned. You can now assign a key for different situations, e.g. the control of the player character and a vehicle

NEW: When assigning input axles, they are indicated with + or -

NEU: After the worker has finished his task, he detaches the implements and places them on the farmyard

BUG FIX: The player character now executes correct animations when an analogue controller is connected

BUG FIX: The financial status should now be displayed correctly when loading a save game

BUG FIX: All elements of the MiniMap should co-rotate when the map rotates

BUG FIX: When creating a task, the worker now attaches the trailer that has been assigned to him, even if he had another trailer attached before

BUG FIX: Deleting a task now also works when an animal transport is active

BUG FIX: The door of the cowshed has a collision again

BUG FIX: The rollers of the Köckerling Rebell should now be displayed correctly and not float in a wrong position

BUG FIX: The worker shouldn’t leave out spots when plowing the fields

BUG FIX: The hydraulics cylinder of the Bressel und Lade doesn’t pierce through the guide jacket any more

BUG FIX: The display “Farm + 500” in the shop menu isn’t displayed twice any more

BUG FIX: Field #49 is now at the correct position

BUG FIX: The mission “More Bulls!” should work again when you have 40 animals

BUG FIX: The bug where maize plants were fully grown after the second seeding of a field and subsequent loading of a save game, has been fixed

BUG FIX: The field entry of field #49 is now at the right position

BUG FIX: A crash in the feeding task ‘Feed 'em to grow 'em’ has been fixed

BUG FIX: The worker now maneuvers better at the silo unloading stations at the harbor

CHANGE: The upper link of the CornKing has been extended

CHANGE: Elements like book widgets in the UI aren’t cut off any longer when they are skaled

CHANGE: The height of some pedestrians has been adjusted

CHANGE: In the UserActions box, a little “L” and “R” for left and right are now being displayed for the exterior mirrors and the door windows

CHANGE: When implements are spawned back via task, a detach UserAction is being sent

CHANGE: The MiniMap now rotates with the tractor by default

CHANGE: The drag and drop button is only displayed when you are hovering over the corresponding area with the mouse

CHANGE: The load and unload window has been improved. In the crop storage building on the farm you can now define, in which bunker the crops are stored and if you want to load or unload the trailer

CHANGE: An autopilot waypoint can now be removed by right clicking on the Minimap and is also cleared when the destination has been reached

CHANGE: There was the problem that the workers stalled the engine when there was an incline on a field. We have defined a limited gearshift for the work in the tractors, the workers and cruise control shouldn’t try to plow in 7th gear any longer

CHANGE: A background has been added to the map in the planning menu and to the MiniMap
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Re: Cattle and Crops

ViestiKirjoittaja Mönkijämies » 15.09.2018 09:56

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